Wear. Fraking. Sunscreen.

For all that is holy, wear some fraking sunscreen. That is it. Go out into the world and have fun. Makes those memories in the sun. I myself have never understood everyone's love for the sun, but you do you. Just make sure you put sunscreen on before you leave the house and then try really hard to reapply it every 2-3 hours. You are probably rolling your eyes, but really, do you wear enough sunscreen? I am ridiculously intense about my skin and sometimes I do not wear enough of it. Usually, people have the most trouble with reapplying sunscreen.

I tend to stick to Korean brands because have you seen their skin? My game plan is to go to South Korea one of these days and learn all of their skin secrets.Personally, I do whatever Sokoglam tells me to do. They haven't been wrong yet, and because of them my complexion is flawless.

#sunscreen #skincare #unsolicitedadvice

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