Maeghan's Unsolicited Advice is on its way or whatever

Heyo! Imagine that I am writing from a glorious library with a super old typewriter. Don't imagine that I am actually using it, that would be way too hard, but as if I am near the typewriter dreaming about using that old typewriter. But nope, I'm at Starbucks. Reality is not as romantic.

As I was sitting at Starbucks (I would have rather been at some cool local coffee shop but the 'Bucks in NW Wichita has a chill vibe and it's right by my house) attempting to think about what I wanted my blog to be about, I asked myself a simple question. What topics do people ask for my advise? Of course my first response was, “What don’t they ask my advice on?” followed by an internal hair flip. But then I attempted to pull my head out of my ass, and think seriously about where my interests lie. This is a ridiculously hard question to answer because the world is fascinating to me and it is entirely possible for me to be obsessed with something one day and completely forget about it the next. But then it hit me. I am Maeghan Omeria. I do not sit around waiting for others to ask me for advice, I throw advice at them whether they want it or not. If not a single person rolls their eyes at me for an entire day I have not lived up to my potential. Most of my interests are fall into the books/films/TV, skincare, my borderline unhealthy obsession with Korean Dramas, and Wild Feminist categories, but I never know what I will find interesting at any given moment, so Unsolicited Advice doesn't box me in too much.

I have always had a lot of ideas on what I would write but I'm like lazy, bro. Once became a reality, I was like, ‘oh crap, I have to actually figure out what I am going to write about.’ And I have never been a fan of reality. I would much rather stay in my head where everything is amazeballs and I do not have to deal with real people. I have found that the idea of people is better than actual people. The world in my head is like the stock photo of cameras for at the top of this post, and reality is the crap photo I (purposely) took dreadfully. The only way I am going to get closer to the ideal world that is in my head is if I attempt to actually do the activities that give me joy. It is so weird when I accidentally say something positive. And nothing has ever given me more joy than giving out advice that no one has ever asked for.

So, you're welcome in advance.


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